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Will Rose



Selected work - 2008 to present.



Dive into a selection of Will Rose's work.

Stories from the Arctic - 70°
Stories from the Arctic

Our 70° project that documents changes in the Arctic around the 70th parallel north.

Featured video

360° virtual reality Scotland expedition #EndOceanPlastics

Last year Greenpeace launched a scientific expedition around the shores of Scotland to study the impacts of plastic pollution on iconic wildlife like gannets, puffins and basking sharks. Watch this 360 video and experience the expedition with your own eyes. You will see such beautiful places like Bass Rock, where biggest colony of gannets live, or Shiant Isles, a home to puffins, razorbills and many other birds. During the expedition Greenpeace took just under 50 samples of seawater to study and found plastic in more than half.

South Sudanese refugees struggle to adjust to life in Uganda

#notjusttuna, Indian Ocean

Photographer Will Rose followed the Greenpeace ship Esperanza on an expedition in the Indian Ocean aimed at peacefully tackling unsustainable fishing. With some tuna stocks in the Indian Ocean, such as Yellowfin, on the brink of collapse due to overfishing, the expedition set out to expose destructive fishing methods which contribute to overfishing and harm a range of marine life including sharks and juvenile tuna.

Rose+Sjölander reportage

Dangerous Sea, Lesvos, Greece

Photographer Will Rose followed a joint operation launched by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and environmental organisation Greenpeace to rescue people risking their lives on the dangerous sea crossing between Turkey and Greece. More than 856,000 refugees and migrants arrived by sea or land in Greece in 2015, making it the main entry point for people attempting to reach Europe. A third of the people landing on Greece’s shores were women and children. Approximately 91 per cent came from countries affected by war and violence – predominantly Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

Rose+Sjölander reportage

The Wall. Sundarbans, India.

Hundreds of people were killed and more than 22,000 homes were ravaged when cyclone Aila struck the Bay of Bengal in May 2009. 300 local people are involved in rebuilding the destroyed sea defence wall. Smashed to pieces by cyclone Aila the previous year, the community are trying to protect themselves from increasing tidal surges and extreme weather events.

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