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#NotJustTuna, Indian Ocean

Photographer Will Rose followed the Greenpeace ship Esperanza on an expedition in the Indian Ocean aimed at peacefully tackling unsustainable fishing. With some tuna stocks in the Indian Ocean, such as Yellowfin, on the brink of collapse due to overfishing, the expedition set out to expose destructive fishing methods which contribute to overfishing and harm a range of marine life including sharks and juvenile tuna. Retrieving FADs  (Fish Aggregation Devices) was an important part of the ship's crew's work in the Indian Ocean. Aggregation devices were taken onboard the Esperanza and fully dismantled by the ship's crew.

The campaign targeted Thai Union, the largest canned tuna company in the world. A company that has been connected to shocking labor and human rights abuses, with too many workers exploited, abused and even forced to work on ships for months or years at a time. Thai Union continues to allow wasteful and destructive fishing practices that attract, capture and kill other marine life including turtles and sharks – while driving some species of tuna towards extinction.

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